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Home from travels, properly back after the 30th but I'll be checking up with everything over the next day or two!
Aurelia Ni Sovine t'Zaresh
Alexr al'Petros
Alexr al'Petros
Missed ya!!
Delara Morellin
Delara Morellin
Yay! <3
My 2nd block drained all of my energy. But I think most of them have a solid grasp on the language used to compare 2 things in English! (Beginner class)
I’m extremely discouraged right now, I spent the last quarter hour crying. I don’t know what’s wrong or why I feel this way, it could be sleep deprivation or my parent’s complete and utter inability to comprehend the fact that I, a twenty year old, sometimes needs space to zone out and listen to music full blast.