VC Chronicle July 2009 Edition

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July 2009 Edition

Welcome Notes

Welcome to the July Edition of The VC Chronicle. Once again this is about things that have been happening in the Den.

We hope you enjoy this light reading.

This has been created to document and build on our foundations and create a readable history within the community.

Story Time with Alondrian

I set Alondrian a challenge: I gave him a blank page and asked him to fill it.

To my surprise he gave me nine.

This is the first installment of this epic tale.

Saving Throw Part 1

Valo's CCCorner

Greetings from the pages of the VC Chronicle!

It's been one month since I took the reins over in Val'Cueran, and I'm honored and delighted to be back.

The Heart Guard is alive and well; the men and women of VC continue to be a positive and active force in the Tower community, and I'm looking forward to seeing continued growth and achievement in our ranks, new and old. Lots of new projects are in the works or starting to come to fruition: our first Achievement Medals have been awarded, new members and new raisings continue to fill the Halls. Along those lines, I'd like to congratulate Lucas on the second issue of the VC Chronicle - this newsletter is a great way to bring a little insight from our Halls into the Tower at large, and he's been instrumental in bringing it to life and filling it with great content.

Thanks to all the Chronicle's contributors and readers as well. Here's to my Heart Guard brethren, our enduring Company, and a great summer to you all.


Valorian Edoras Commander of the Val'Cueran Company

Coming Soon to the Kinderden

I am sure everyone in the Tavern knows of the Oddey well this fine chap is giving us a young VC due end of July.

Although Oddey is yet to confirm the name for him but there are whispers it could be Ulrik.

I would also like to say there will be more pups on the way as we approach their due dates so watch this space.

Celebrating Success

I would like to congratulate the latest addition to the pack Braedan Fearghal who was raised to Gaidin on the 27th June 2009.

The Luna Awards

Luna Nova (the new moon): Awarded for achievement in teaching or mentoring; running a Classroom event, writing tutorials, Wiki research, or histories.

Luna Crescens (the crescent moon): Awarded for creative/artistic works; music, writing, poetry, or visual media.

Luna Justicara (the half moon): Awarded for acts of mediation or judging: service to the Hall, acting in the capacity of Marshal for an RL event, or running an online competition.

Luna Artemis (the gibbous moon): Awarded for acts of service or self-sacrifice: community service, giving blood, volunteering.

Luna Feras (the full moon): Awarded to the victor in a competition; for overcoming great odds or defeating opponents.

VC-LunaNova100.png The Val'Cueran Luna Nova Medal is awarded to Lucas al'Baine on 12 July 2009

VC-LunaJusticara100.png The Val'Cueran Luna Justicara Medal is awarded to Toumas Al'Ahari on 12 July 2009

VC-LunaJusticara100.png The Val'Cueran Luna Justicara Medal is awarded to Tinnlin Fundon on 12 July, 2009