VC Chronicle 1st Edition

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1st Edition - June 2009

Welcome Notes

Welcome to the First Edition of The VC Chronicle. This is a small insight to our Gaidin, Aes Sedai and Aspirants.

We hope you enjoy this light reading.

This has been created to document and build on our foundations and create a readable history with in the community.

~Lucas al'Baine Gaidin~

The Howling Wolf Pups

The Aspirants give us their views


A VC Soldier’s Journey

My Aspiring Experience

Under the Moon Light

A focus on the individual


Interview with Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin, The Amyrlin Seat

What's going on

What's happening VC at the Tower Events

There are currently no special events in June but August and September do look promising with Summer Euro and D*Con.

I am sure we will get a VC's view on both these events.

Celebrating Success

Many congratuations to Valorian Edoras who has once again taken charge and will lead our Wolf pack.