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This template generates a Junior Member infobox. Make sure to define "BarColor" and "BarText" to color-code affiliation, using the templates listed below.

This template was created by Toral, based on the MemberInfo template created by Valorian and contains intermediate/advanced MediaWiki syntax. Please consult with a Historian or the Director of Research and Records before editing.

Use the following templates in the BarColor and BarText sections of the infobox:

Blue Ajah {{BlueBarColor}}, {{BlueTextColor}}
Brown Ajah {{BrownBarColor}}, {{BrownTextColor}}
Gray Ajah {{GrayBarColor}}, {{GrayTextColor}}
Green Ajah {{GreenBarColor}}, {{GreenTextColor}}
Red Ajah {{RedBarColor}}, {{RedTextColor}}
White Ajah {{WhiteBarColor}}, {{WhiteTextColor}}
Yellow Ajah {{YellowBarColor}}, {{YellowTextColor}}
Dai M'Hael {{DMBarColor}}, {{DMTextColor}}
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb {{MDDBarColor}}, {{MDDTextColor}}
San d'ma Shadar {{SDSBarColor}}, {{SDSTextColor}}
Val'Cueran {{VCBarColor}}, {{VCTextColor}}