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The Survey Project Manager (SPM) is primarily responsible for the planning, execution, analysis, and reporting of the annual Membership Survey. The Membership Survey itself can change drastically from year to year depending on what sort of data Execs are looking for; the data is utilized to make decisions at Administrative meetings to strategically plan changes to the community. Other surveys are produced and managed on an ad hoc basis depending on the needs of the organization. The SPM manages a team of staff members who contribute to drafting, proofing, and analyzing the surveys.

Position Level: Administrator

Department: Department of Research and Records

Rotation: Non-rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Administrator Merit


To contact the Survey Project Manager, email

Chain of Command

The Survey Project Manager reports to the Director of Research and Records.

The Survey Team reports directly to the Survey Project Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Solicit options for a membership question on the survey.
  • Evaluate the prior year survey questions for improvement - wording, paragraph vs scale, etc. Also addition/deletion of questions.
  • Liaise with other departments for updates to the questions in their sections annually.
  • Network with department directors and officers to determine intent behind questions.
  • Either alone or with department staff update Lime Survey software with edits to survey.
  • Liaise with Marketing and/or Community Outreach to prepare graphics and activities surrounding the survey including building anticipation and encouraging participation in the survey.
  • Clean survey data before sending to departmental staff for analysis.
  • Work with department staff, including Statistician (if position filled) to provide an executive summary for the Board and Execs for the Executive Meeting.
  • Expand executive summary into full report to be provided to membership and archived in the Library. Ideally report would include comparison and trends against past surveys where possible as well as tie results to results of the Executive Meeting.


  • Check the relevant forum(s) and email weekly.
  • Participate in relevant forum discussions.
  • Respond to email within 4 days.
  • Confidentiality of both survey data as well as discussions within department forum.
  • To meet deadlines as provided, or communicate any difficulties as soon as aware of said difficulty.

Time Commitment

This position has variable time commitment, which averages 3 hours a week.


  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Google Drive related document types.
  • Associate's degree or better.
  • Community member in good standing.
  • Member of 2 or more years.


This was initially a staff level position and became an admin level position December 15, 2012.

This position was called Membership Survey Project Manager until August 9, 2013.

After the Winter 2016 Admin Meeting and the disbanding of the Department of Administration the role was transferred into the Department of Research and Records.

Survey Project Managers

  • Vacant

Membership Survey Project Managers