Merits Frequently Asked Questions

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How do the merits work?

The merits are grouped into categories for ease of use and recognition.

Who awards merits?

Merits are awarded by the Tower Archivist and any Merits Team beneath her. Working together with administrators and Directors from all Departments, they compile the necessary information and award the merits as they are gained.

What do I do if I think I deserve a merit but haven't received it?

You should compile all the information necessary and send an email to the Merits Historian and Archivist. After we have finished awarding Merits based upon past service, the Merits Team should be able to keep track and award Merits as they are earned. If you haven't received a Merit you think you have earned, and it has been several months since that point, please email the Merits Team.

What do I do if I think someone else deserves a Merit?

The administration isn't omnipresent or omniscient. If you feel that someone deserves a Merit for something, please don't hesitate to contact the Merit Team and let them know. The Archivist and her staff will take it from there.

I can bond an extra person now. Do they also need to be able to bond an extra person in order to bond me?

Not unless you are also their extra person to bond. Only the person who is breaking the normal bonding rules has to have earned the privilege of bonding extra.

I am currently serving in the Hall and on the Online Events team. How is that time counted?

Your time for both each counts, so at the end of the six months, you'll have earned a year towards the Staff Merits (and any other Merits based upon time served in Staff positions).

I was a Chat Op back when I was a Membership administrator. Does that time count towards Staff Merits?

No. If you perform a function as part of your named position, it doesn't count for both. Your time as a Membership administrator would count for Merits based upon being an administrator, but you didn't hold a separate position as a Chat Op, so you don't also get that time counted for Staff Merits.

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