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Senior Membership

The next level of Community Membership is becoming an Aes Sedai or Gaidin, which are also known as Senior Members.


  • Have spent at least 12 weeks at the level of Accepted/Soldier
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have made a significant contribution to the site. See Contributions for details.
  • Have read all of the books in the main story arc of The Wheel of Time.
  • Have been made real. See Being made real for details.


Raising to Senior Membership is largely left in the hands of the membership administrators. Unlike all other ranks in the Tower, you do not apply to be raised to Senior Member. We like it to be a surprise; therefore, Accepted and Soldiers are not alerted to the fact that they are being considered for raising. All Aspirants should also keep in mind that, as with all ranks, the 12 week minimum is just that - a minimum. It is very rare that someone is raised to Senior Member immediately upon reaching their 12 weeks, so patience is recommended. If the Aspirant wishes to speak with the Head/Commander about things they might want to do to improve their eventual chances at being raised, then by all means do so, but understand that a candidate will never be told in advance that they are to be put before the Hall.

Please also keep in mind that constant and repeated pushing of a Junior Member to be raised to Senior Membership is not looked upon positively and might affect one's chances of being approved by the Hall if they believe that the Junior Member is, in displaying impatience and disregard for the careful process of raisings, not comporting him/herself in a manner as would be befitting of a Senior Member.

Through a communal effort, Heads/Company Commanders keep track of where Accepted/Soldiers are in their journey through this rank. Once a member Aspires to a particular group, the Head/Commander will take start keeping better track of where that member is in the process. Once they feel that the Aspirant is ready to be raised, they review all the requirements. If that member has met all the requirements, the administrator will start putting together a raising packet.

While putting together this packet, the administrator will be examining the following questions
  • Does this candidate seem to understand what our community is all about?
  • Has this candidate been a faithful, respectful, and contributing member of the community for a significant period of time?
  • Does this candidate represent my Ajah/Company in a positive manner?
  • Will this candidate represent the Senior Membership of this site in a positive manner?

If the answers to those questions are in the affirmative, the administrator will complete the packet and send it to the Mistress of Accepted/Captain of Soldiers. S/he will consult with the Director of Membership, and provided that no serious issues have been raised, the packet will be posted before the Hall. If the Hall approves the candidate for raising, the candidate will then be summoned via PM to take a test.

The Senior Member Test

This test is based solely on knowledge of our site--procedures, the administration, our history. All of this information is available via the Bylaws, the Membership Manual, and Site Announcements. In the event that there is conflicting information or discrepancies, go with the most recent information released.

I failed the test. Now what?

As with the test to Accepted/Soldier, it is possible to fail the test to Senior Membership. If you fail it the first time, you will be given adequate time to study the material. Once you feel you are ready, you will be given the test again. Should you fail a second time, an alternative arrangement for testing will be made.

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