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This was an Admin position in the Department of Community Development. The Guildmaster was the moderator of the Guild forum and was expected to be excited, motivated, and creative and demonstrate a desire to help create a sense of community and belonging within the Guild.

Chain of Command

Guildmasters reported to the Director of Community Development

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Moderator of the Guild forum
  • Collaborate with the Director as well as work independently to come up with ways to keep the Guild active and the members interested as well as how to help the community, both online and real life
  • Submit reports on a monthly basis to the administration concerning the activities of your Guild


  • Be a member of TarValon.Net for 6 months of any rank
  • Be able to spend approximately 5-10 hours a week on the boards
  • Be willing to learn to work with Google Docs and Calendar


The position was created after the Admin meeting in 2005. It was dissolved when the guilds were dissolved in 2011, at which time the active Guildmasters served out the remainder of their terms as Admins in the Department of Moderators, in the discussio forums which most closely matched the guild


Artisan Guild
Gleeman Guild
Healers Guild
Innkeepers Guild
Martial Guild
Professors Guild
Tailors Guild