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The Art of Sitting

by Manora al'Sara, Aes Sedai

Being a Sitter for the Hall is a very important job in the Tower. Sitters are there to review applications for membership, raising and to act as counsel on important matters.

Sitting is a varied role. An Aes Sedai can sit with her legs crossed or not, or even curled up in a comfy chair if she chooses. However, a Sitter must be very careful to sit in such a fashion as to not improperly show off her legs. We wouldn't want the Warder Council getting ideas now!

Unfortunately we don't have any comfy chairs in the Hall and it's kinda drafty, what with being a big stone room. But we do have benches to sit on. I wonder if we could get Mother to install sofas instead. But then I guess you would have to call it lounging instead of sitting.

When a Sitter isn't in the Hall she's out getting to know the junior members of the site. This is the best part of the job because you get to throw picnics in the courtyard and visit the Novice dormitories and they generally have brownies n sweet foods n such.

It is very important that Sitters walk out and visit lots of members otherwise when you go back to the hall and resume sitting all the brownies n such will go to your hips n that's not cozy.

In conclusion, the Art of Sitting is a very complex balance of socialising and discussion. However, I would recommend it to anyone as a very rewarding (and brownie generating) experience.

The General Difficulties an Ogier Faces When Trying To Find an Avatar

By Nairah Tarak, Aes Sedai

Sometimes it is hard to be an Ogier and liking to be online. It is not very easy at all for an Ogier to find a fitting avatar. A friend of mine from Stedding Taijing in the Spine of the World, told me once about this. His name is Ared, son of Ardar, son of Aden, and he is a very friendly, and peaceful Ogier, like all the other Ogier.

He joined a Wheel of Time community, because he thought it would be very fun to meet others who loved the series as much as him. At the community, there was a requirement to have an avatar.

Of course, Ared went out to find one, figuring it couldn't be that hard. But it was. Everywhere there were avatars of humans! Not a single Ogier. Ared, and I too, find it very strange that there are so hard to find a good Ogier avatar. Everyone knows there are Ogier in the world.

Anyway, Ared found an Ogier avatar and he resized it, so you just could see the face. That is, a lot of hair, big eyes and a huge nose and mouth. He started to use it at this community. So far so good.

But soon he got angry PMs from other members who said that Shadowspawn weren't welcome at their site! They thought he was a Trolloc. He resized the avatar so you could se the whole body of the Ogier, but since Ogier are so big the Ogier at the picture had to be made tiny before the whole body was in the picture. And now, everyone would think Ared was a really hairy human. Not what he wanted either.

Finally, he had to choose a human avatar, and now people dared to talk to him again. But Ared was unhappy, because he didn't feel comfortable with having this avatar. It wasn't really him. He chose to leave the site, and is no longer that eager to spend time online. Too bad, because he is a great guy.

Advice for Ogier in search for a fitting avatar:
If you don't like to have a human avatar, you should stay offline and read books.

And remember, don't eat yellow snow.