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This Department focused on the business aspects of our community. Legal counselors, treasurers, financial advisers, events planners, and anyone else involved with that side of our community are in this Department. They also organised the Membership Survey and Annual Report. The Department was last headed by Calypsa al'Nicolai.

Programs within the Department

The Department has multiple roles. These include:

Annual Projects

Annual Report
Main article: Annual Report
Membership Survey
Main article: Membership Survey

Human Resources

Applicant Tracking
Main article: Applicant Tracking
Job Descriptions
Exit Interviews

Previous Projects

Bullying Survey
Main article: Bully Survey Report


Main article: Department of Administration (History)

The Department of Administration was formalized into a Department in 2006. Previously, it had served as a gathering place for a hodge-podge of administrators and staff that was headed by the Amyrlin Seat. At that year's administration meeting, however, a good amount of administrative structure was formalized, and it became a full-fledged Department with a Director.

After the Winter 2016 Admin Meeting the Department was disbanded.

Annual Reports


Main article: Department of Administration (Positions)

The Department had four Admin positions, Annual Report Project Manager, Membership Survey Project Manager, Membership Activities Coordinator and Human Resources Project Manager and several staff ones.