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The Yellow Ajah

Yellow20x20.pngIntroduction to the Yellow Ajah

Salutations! The Yellow Ajah welcomes you to our Headquarters!

In the world of Robert Jordan, the Yellow Ajah was dedicated to Healing through the use of the One Power. Here on we are also dedicated to healing, although in different ways. Our paths to that dedication are as myriad as the women that make up this cozy and eclectic group. Our passionate nature allows us to include all who visit with us - guests, Aspirants, as well as our Gaidin. As Yellow is a Healing Ajah, we have among us those trained in actual medical professions and those involved in alternative and complementary medicine. However, the healing and nurturing part goes beyond that, and so we have a good number of people that are the rock in the storm and the shoulder to lean on for many.

"Being of the Yellow isn't about skill, child," Suana said.
"It's about passion. If you love to make things well, to fix that which is broken, there would be a purpose for you here."

Being a Yellow is about being a compassionate heart, ready and willing to be there for one another. We are dedicated to raising the hearts of others through our individual talents, skills, presence and love.

For many of us, being Yellow isn't just about healing. It's about having the passion to change things, to fix things that you can see are broken, and about standing by the Ajah even when you feel alone inside it, because there will always be someone there to lend a hand.

"I have also been told that the Yellows have a certain 'reputation' on the site as being 'syrupy sweet' and 'fluffy'. It is a hugely diverse group of women (and men) that make up the Yellow Ajah and I think a blanket statement like 'syrupy sweet' is extremely misleading. We can all kick ass when and if it's needed. I have moments when I am sweet and moments when I am a huge bitch. I think the common thread with all of us is to 'take that which is broken and make it right'." ~ Raeviendha al'Toma
"I am compassion as well as destruction, for you need both to heal properly. the tearing away of old ideas so that new ones can be put in place. I am light as well as darkness, for you need both to see the other. Light to look into our own darkness enough to have compassion for it and heal it. I am sweet and also bitter. I find that so many of us here embody these things in our lives, not just here on site but in everyday life, and that is why I choose Yellow. That is why I will always be Yellow." ~ Fern al'Thorn
"I care about people, I have strong motherly tendencies, I try to be sweet and friendly and loving to everyone. I always want to help make things better when anything is wrong. One way my Yellow nature manifests is in my interest in midwifery. Another is in my religion; the way I try to live my life is based in one of the key aspects of that religion, in a promise I made to God that I would bear others’ burdens, 'mourn with those that mourn' and 'comfort those that stand in need of comfort.' To me, that is a very Yellow way of life." ~ Winterdawn Lightheart
"Being Yellow isn't just about healing. It's about having the passion to change things, to fix things that you can see are broken, and about standing by my Ajah even when I'm the only one left in it. " ~ Sa'areah Britthorn

Yellow20x20.pngYellow Ajah Positions

The First Weaver: Idine Espanyas
The Heart of the Ajah: Estalia Walburga
Sitters: Avendaella Tikvah and Khisanth al'Danya
The Tea Brewer: Luna Morn
The Tea Cozy Editor: Ariadne Davion

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