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The year is 2007, the day is Kerna's birthday. The Blue Ajah and their guests wish Kerna felicitations for the day. Kyla calls the 23 year old Kerna ancient, like herself. Nora disagrees, Kyla and Kerna can't be younger than her and be called ancient. Kerna and Kyla tell Nora she is in fact decrepid and prehistoric. Maeric agrees that he, a year old than Nora, is old. Nora is still not pleased and withholds brownies until the two cheeky Aes Sedai write her poems about how she is a lovely, young Head of Ajah.

Kerna Shedrian

Manora is our Head
And she is young and pretty
She's also slightly evil
Making me compose a ditty

If I don't get it right
Brownies I won't eat
So now I have to rhyme
And grovel at her feet

I called her old you see
Well decrepid is what I used
And now I feel her wrath
And don't wish to be abused

I think she is not old
She is ageless you can see
With skin as fair and pure
As her soul is sure to be

Kyla Sterling

Manora is not
now nor never shall she be
as old as Maeric

Yay Haiku!