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Several Events were held in 2012

Anniversary Party

Main article: Anniversary Party 2012

The Eleventh Anniversary Party was held in Colorado, March 30 - April 2. Vivianna L'antreau was formalised as Amyrlin Seat. One hundred people attended

Jordan Con

Main article: JordanCon 2012

Aproximately twenty five members from TarValon.Net attended JordanCon

Euro Party

Main article: Euro Party 2012

Held in Warnsveld, the Netherlands, the weekend August 17-19. Fourteen people attended


Main article: Dragon*Con 2012

Held in Atlanta, August 31 - September 3. This was the last Dragon*Con to be an official event as there will no longer be a Wheel of Time track

Fall Ball

Main article: Fall Ball 2012. Thirty four people attended, just after huge storms hit New York