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This is a staff position within the Department of Marketing. Staff members create content for the Tar Valon Times. Said content can come in a variety of different media, such as articles, regular columns, or art, limited only by their own creativity and the rules and regulations of TarValon.Net.

Department: Department of Marketing

Position Level: Staff

Rotation: Non-rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Reporter Merit

Chain of Command

The Tar Valon Times Staff report to the Tar Valon Times Editor.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Actively search for and share ideas that will be interesting and informative for TarValon.Net members. Articles can cover topics from the Wheel of Time, the community, reviews, or anything random you can think up, as long as it would be interesting to the membership in general. Unconventional ideas are wonderful!
  • Contribute a minimum of 3 pieces of content during the term, or maintain a regular column for the duration.
  • Adhere to set deadlines, and communicate with the Editor if something occurs to prevent publication of your content.
  • Communicate regularly with the Editor regarding your work, her work, and anything that comes up in the course of your job.


  • Facility with your chosen medium is a must; for example, if you write, you need to be able to do so clearly in English. Creative flair and a joy for writing and/or creating art are definitely awesome additions.
  • Experience with writing and/or creating art is a definite plus but not required.
  • Ability to dedicate the necessary time to complete your contributions.

Time Commitment


  • Anyone of any rank or position may apply; there is no membership time limit.


In the early days of the Tar Valon Times, this position was often known as Eyes and Ears and there are no current records on people who held it. It was within the Department of Communication. In November 2009 the Department of Communication was dissolved. The TVT was then briefly moved under the Department of Community Development until the 2011 Admin Meeting. It was decided at the meeting to disband the Department of Community Development and to move the Tar Valon Times Staff and TVT Editor under the Department of Marketing. This transition occurred in May 2011.

Tar Valon Times Staff