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This is a staff position in the Department of Marketing that helps ensure the Tar Valon Times is produced on schedule. The Assistant Editor is a moderator of the Tar Valon Times forum, and has article publishing privileges in vBulletin.

Department: Department of Marketing

Position Level: Staff

Rotation: Non-rotating role

Merit Eligibility: Staff Merit

Chain of Command

The Tar Valon Times Assistant Editor reports to the Tar Valon Times Editor.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helps the Editor manage TVT reporter staff and guest reporters, and ensure that all article/publishing deadlines are met.
  • Is him/herself a reporter for the TVT, and writes articles on a regular basis. S/he helps keep other reporters motivated to write and to adhere to article deadlines.
  • Helps the Editor by coding the Library entries of the TVT and maintaining the TVT archive there.
  • Collaborates with the Editor on new story and news ideas.
  • Steps in to act as Editor when the Editor is unavailable for some reason.
  • The assistant TVT Editor - can create, edit, and publish content in the TVT section of the vBulletin CMS.


Time Commitment



There had previously been an assistant editor under the title of the Publications Staff Manager but the position was discontinued. It was reinstated as The Tar Valon Times Assistant Editor on September 21, 2012.

Tar Valon Times Assistant Editors